Benefits of Indica flower – Here is what experts say

Benefits of Indica flower - Here is what experts say

The Indica flower contains a significant amount of cannabinoids enriched with THC, CBD and CBN. It causes easily discernible physical effects. For example, it promotes the impression of more acute physical sensations, muscle relaxation, drying of the mouth, or reddening of the eyes. However, the Indica plant does not induce any psychoactive effect.

Benefits of Indica flower – Remedy against Insomnia

The Indica flower is famous in the medical community for its sedative properties. It promotes sleep and is thus an excellent remedy against insomnia as well as various sleep disorders. It is contraindicated to consume it during the day in this specific context of use. This plant with multiple virtues is highly beneficial as a palliative for pain. It effectively relieves the suffering of patients with chronic pain. 

Thus, it constitutes an alternative of choice to analgesics, in particular opiates in the long term. In addition, Indica cannabis is recommended as a muscle relaxant. 

Antispasmodic, it is also involved in the treatment of multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia. Notorious analgesic, it reduces the pain associated with headaches. It is also particularly effective in treating migraines. Finally, given its calming properties, the Indica flower is ready to treat anxiety. It is therefore suitable for people who are prone to stress, anxiety, or even panic attacks.

Flavors of the Indica flower

Indica cannabis has an earthy and wet taste in the mouth. It has a profile of rich flavors with notes of grapes, musk, berries or even wild fruits. It differs entirely from Cannabis Sativa, which sports sweeter or spicy undertones.

Looking at the chemical composition of the Indica flower, we notice terpenes highly enriched in myrcene. These concentrations are around 60% to 80% of the general profile of these so-called terpenes. Experts suggest that this molecule (myrcene) associates its action with that of THC to result in sedative effects, specific to the Indica variety. 

It is normal that the latter is known and acclaimed for its relaxing virtues, able to intervene during episodes of anxiety or sleep disorders. Its molecular profile also harbors sesquiterpenes, notably humulene and caryophyllene, responsible for its deep and thick aroma that is easily recognizable.

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