Are Edibles Healthier Than Smoking Weed?

Are Edibles Healthier Than Smoking Weed? at Top Shelf BC

Cannabis, sometimes known as marijuana or weed, is the collective name for the dried products of the Cannabis plant species. Millions of individuals use it as a recreational drug or to address long-term medical issues. There are several ways to consume cannabis such as smoking, vaping, and eating edibles. However, some individuals question the safety of edible goods and whether consuming them has the same consequences as smoking or vaping. This article will discuss the safety of ingesting cannabis products and the advantages and disadvantages of doing so in terms of one’s health.

What Exactly Is An Edible?

An edible is a cannabis-infused food product. Typically, manufacturers add oil to the meal that contains THC and, occasionally, CBD, the psychoactive components of cannabis. Although they often come in the shape of candy or baked products, edibles can also be found in liquid form.

Edibles And Marijuana Smoking Have Different Effects

People can get high from cannabis via both edibles and smoking. Both may result in unpleasant marijuana-related adverse effects. The duration of the high and the rate at which it begins to wear off are the main distinctions between the two consuming strategies. Cannabis may be smoked or vaped to produce effects that start appearing within minutes and last for two to three hours on average. In comparison, THC from an edible travels through the liver and stomach before entering circulation. This implies that the psychoactive effects may not be felt for up to an hour and a half, but rare individuals experienced their peak high three hours after intake.

Is Edible Healthier?


  1. The health of your lungs won’t be harmed by consuming cannabis in the form of edibles, unlike smoking and vaping.
  2. On the plus side, the effects linger more prolonged than with other cannabis strains.
  3. People have a limitless selection, including edibles that have been infused in anything from candies to baked products to cannabutter.


  1. The drawback for some is that since edibles must first pass through your digestive system before entering your circulation, they take longer to work.
  2. People attempt to avoid edibles since they can be a very calorie, sugar, and fat-dense.

Things To Consider Before Consuming Edibles

  1. To take it safely, make sure to thoroughly read the label for information on the THC content. Without knowing the concentration, overdosing might be dangerous.
  2. Regular, more frequent use of high-strength cannabis can result in tolerance and dependency. Always take these items in moderation to prevent health problems, and just to be safe, talk to a doctor.
  3. Avoid combining edible cannabis with alcohol or other drugs, as this might have detrimental consequences on your health.
  4. To prevent any mishaps, beginners with edible cannabis products should start them under supervision. As a consequence, they will also be aware of their time restriction.


All the details concerning edible cannabis have been covered in this article, along with advice on how to use it safely. However, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the edible cannabis since Top Shelf BC, a well-regarded online marijuana dispensary in Canada, offers only the highest premium quality. Without engaging in fraud, you will get your item delivered to your door at a reasonable price.

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