Consequences of Marijuana’s use

Consequences of Marijuana's use

Marijuana gained popularity and entered the list of popular drugs relatively recently – approximately in the 1960s. Some believe that the Marijuana gained “momentum” when the then-new “hippie” culture came into being.

Consequences of Marijuana’s use

The use of such a drug as Marijuana naturally causes a specific dependence in a person, and it is divided into two stages. 

The first stage of addiction involves using the drug as it did for the first time once the person has taken it. Sleep begins to disappear. To stabilize it, the dose of admission is increased.

The second stage is also exciting. Marijuana includes in both ways, physically and mentally. This is expressed by weakness and psychologically – excessive irritability. And only after taking Marijuana do the above symptoms disappear. The person is in a state of complete euphoria. 

The effects of Marijuana on the body

It is worth noting immediately that the effect of Marijuana on the human body can be different. It depends on the method of use. When smoking Marijuana, the body immediately lets you know about it. The effect is instantly “on the face.” 

With the internal use of cannabis, to feel the herb’s effect, you need to wait quite a bit. So, the drugs will begin to act after at least one hour, as a maximum – of two. In a person, after using Marijuana in any of the above ways, the following conditions begin to appear:

Euphoria: The body is completely relaxed, a person feels a pleasant weakness, he wants to sleep.

Excessive sensitivity: The process begins to perceive sound unusually (it seems too loud). Also, a variety of colors “floats” in the eyes (the colors seem very bright and “cut” the eye). Paintings and sculptures cause particular attention to the use of Marijuana. The colors on the canvases “float”, as if reviving them, and the sculptures become as if in reality, which arouses admiration in a person.

Marijuana calms person

A person who has used cannabis becomes very calm, the feeling of aggression disappears, the level of adrenaline in the blood decreases. The user becomes very cheerful, and Marijuana gives them some courage in making decisions concerning others. A person burns with a desire to communicate with someone and pour out their soul. 

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