Sativa THC Vape Cartridge Now + Then


Whether you are looking for a creative boost, or just an uplifting high, your vaping experience just got a major upgrade. Now + Then brings you the highest quality CO2 extracted Sativa THC Oil made MIMOSA, a Sativa Dominant Strain. Now + Then Sativa Oil is extracted using methods to preserve the natural cannabis terpene profiles, flavonoids, CBD, CBN, & THC. This luxury cartridge contains a state-of-the-art zirconia ceramic vape tank, with 500mg THC per .5ml. Each cartridge is carefully crafted to give you a smoother and more relaxing vaping experience every time. Sativa Oil is commonly used for:

Reducing Stress & Anxiety
An invigorating, energizing effect
Increased Creativity
Increased Focus
An Enjoyable Head High

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