What Are Cannabis Terpenes and How Do They Work?

What Are Cannabis Terpenes and How Do They Work?

You might have just recently come across the relatively uncommon phrase “terpenes” in addition to more typical words like “CBD,” “indica,” and “Sativa” when discussing cannabis. Terpenes are nothing but one more substance found in cannabis. However, what are Terpenes? How critical is it to understand the varieties and amounts of cannabis present in a product before purchasing it? Continue reading this article to learn what is currently discovered about terpenes and how they function.

What exactly is Terpene?

Terpenes, contrary to cannabinoids like THC and CBD, are found in a wide range of fruits, flowers, and even a few insects. What makes a lemon have a fresh smell and taste? That is limonene, a terpene. Or why does lavender not just have a strong scent but also make you feel delightfully sleepy? It has linalool, a terpene. Terpenes, which give marijuana strains their distinct flavors, textures, and fragrances, are thought to be the main biochemical difference between the strains, according to the latest research. Although the terpene profile of every species, including marijuana, varies, there is typically one dominant feature that stands out. We have been extracting terpenes for years and using them for smell and their therapeutic properties.

The function of the Terpenes in Cannabis

Terpenes are considered to shield plants from pests and adverse weather. However, their effect on humans is still not completely clear. Both cannabis users and scientists are increasingly using terpenes to categorize marijuana products and anticipate their impacts. According to a study, the human body’s endocannabinoid system—a web of cannabinoid cell receptors located throughout the brain and body—interacts with cannabis terpenes. Terpene contact with specific receptors could cause biochemical functions that influence various things, including sleep, anxiety, temperament, appetite, discomfort, and inflammation. “The entourage effect” refers to how terpene interactions with cannabis maximize the medicinal potential of the compounds. Terpenes, for example, might minimize the negative effects of certain THC by restricting or boosting its absorption into the system.

Can you get high from Terpenes?

We won’t get high from terpenes in a direct way. Nevertheless, some of these are regarded as psychoactive as they affect our minds. On its own, Terpene cannot make you feel high. However, some people believe they could have an influence on how THC functions. Numerous cannabis experts and sellers believe that while choosing a strain, customers put unnecessary attention on THC concentration. Instead, we should focus more on particular terpene profiles to achieve the best goals.

Uses of Terpenes

Now you are aware of the functionalities and possible benefits of cannabis terpenes. You can incorporate them into your usual cannabis intake routine in a wide range of ways. Smoking is among the most efficient methods for consuming terpenes found in cannabis flowers or concentrates. If you are looking for an online trusted marijuana store to get your cannabis product delivered right to your doorstep, Top Shelf BC is your one-stop solution. They have been in the industry for over 15 years and will offer you a range of Terpene profiles, including Berry, Creamy, Vanilla, Fruity, etc.

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