Canna Wholesalers vs Top Shelf BC: Which Dispensary is Better?

Canna Wholesalers vs Top Shelf BC: Which Dispensary is Better?

Top Shelf BC is an online mail order marijuana dispensary with over 15 years experience. It works with sustainable Canadian brands who work to make their footprint as minimal and eco-friendly as possible. It also offers recreational cannabis for those who want a high while being able to save money.

It is difficult to track down a lot of information about Canna Wholesealer’s origins, particularly its years of experience. What is known is that Canna Wholesalers started off with the intention of supplying online dispensaries and licensed physical stores with the produce that Canna Wholesalers customers want. Since then, Canna Wholesalers have transitioned to also provided weed online to individual buyers who want to buy in bulk.

Top Shelf BC versus Canna Wholesalers: Product Quality

When it comes to product quality mail order marijuana, Top Shelf BC is continually changing what it is offering in addition to the steady cannabis favorites. This is in order to offer the best of the best when it comes to weed strains. What isn’t as popular is rotated out. This means that the site doesn’t become ‘bloated’ with lower-quality weed strains. The site photographs are accurate and the weed quality is consistent with the price that you are paying. One thing that is definitely repeated in Top Shelf BC’s reviews is that the product quality of the weed is preserved perfectly by the packaging.

Canna Wholesalers uses local farmers to grow their produce. This is great for those who like to know where their weed is coming from. They do make it clear that they sell a range in quality from AA to AAAA. However, upon looking at multiple reviews, one thing becomes clear: quality is not always their strong point. There are repeated reviews available from just a quick search online that show that bigger doesn’t always mean better. Canna Wholesalers reviewers also repeatedly state that the pictures on the site very rarely match the product.

Top Shelf BC versus Canna Wholesalers: Pricing and Shipping

Top Shelf BC offers the same 1 – 3 day delivery estimate as most online dispensaries do. What makes it go the extra mile is that it strives to make next-day delivery possible. All weed packages are vacuum sealed, discreet and tamper proof, meaning that your weed product will arrive fresh as a daisy and your neighbors will be none the wiser of what is getting delivered. It does require you to be in for your package but any undelivered produce goes back to Top Shelf BC.

Canna Wholesalers is, when it comes down to it, a wholesaler. This means that you get better deals for bigger orders. Something that came up in online reviews of Canna Wholesalers was the sheer amount of online coupons available, reducing some of the higher priced purchases down to something quite a bit lower. Cheap weed isn’t a bad thing, surely? Wrong! Many Canna Wholesalers reviewers also report that the quality was not what they were expecting. Purchasers of their weed online should also be aware that Canna Wholesalers does not offer cash refunds. Canna Wholesalers only refund in either products or credit – this is problematic if you are not happy with the product that you got in the first place or your product never arrived!

When it comes to delivery insurance, Canna Wholesalers only covers up to $100. When you consider the amount that they encourage you to spend through their deals and prices overall, this isn’t really comprehensive!

Top Shelf BC, on the other hand, doesn’t have a minimum insurance amount. It will essentially price meet you in terms of compensation if your delivery is lost, stolen or damaged on its way to you. While some may be put off by the lack of set amount given, we feel that this is particularly advantageous for people who are looking to buy more. Whatever you spend, Top Shelf BC will cover you. From small amount purchases to those who spend hundreds of dollars per purchase, you’ll be covered equally.

Top Shelf BC versus Canna Wholesalers: Promotions

Top Shelf BC has a site area dedicated to weed promotions. This makes it easy to find those sweet weed deals instead of trawling the site and hoping that you can find something that saves you some money while getting you the weed that you want. This is ideal for folks making a cannabis purchase made up of varied items, offering that hook, line and sinker for repeat business. The promotions are varied throughout the year so then what is on offer is able to appeal to more people. Is what you want just never on offer? Drop them a message! Top Shelf BC won’t know about the demand for a deal if people don’t make their need for a supply known.

Canna Wholesalers always seems to have a decent number of online promotions available. But as pointed out in another section, cheaper prices often equate to cheap weed and poor-quality produce, where the pictures online don’t match the bud.

Another Top Shelf BC advantage is that you can build your own ounce. This is perfect for cannabis connoisseurs out there who want to buy the best but who don’t want to buy in bulk. It is also ideal for those who want to try a few new brands without diving in headfirst and buying a lot.

Both companies have a rewards program. So what makes them different? Let’s take a look.

Canna Wholesalers has a reward system that is based on points. Per $1 you spend, you get 1 point. In turn, 100 points are worth $1. You can then redeem these points against future purchases. The more you buy, the more you save – in principle. That said, it takes a lot of points to get to $1. This may suit bulk purchasers more but for the average everyday cannabis user, this is far from ideal.

Top Shelf BC has a reward system where every $1 spent, you get 1 point. What makes Top Shelf BC’s system advantageous is that you only need 50 points to earn $1. What’s more, you can also earn points by writing reviews. How many dollars you get in point depends on where you post your review; you can earn $5 to $10. Writing reviews is also a bonus for other customers. Your review will help other customers to decide whether or not they want to buy while netting you points at the same time.

Top Shelf BC versus Canna Wholesalers: Customer Service and Reviews

When it comes to customer service, Top Shelf BC is repeatedly highly praised. From Reddit to Trustpilot, one thing that comes up repeatedly is the excellence and responsiveness of the customer service provided. It is consistent in quality. On top of that, if your weed product is lost, damaged or stolen while it is en-route to you, Top Shelf BC will replace it for free. For those who take their digital security seriously and who don’t want their details here, there and everywhere, Top Shelf BC only require the absolute bare bones in terms of details – just enough for you to make an order and for the order to be delivered. They are contactable by email and they are also very active on their own dedicated Discord server.

Canna Wholesalers does take its website’s online security seriously, protecting your details with encryption. However, when it comes to the online customer service side of things, there are repeated online reviews from people who’ve bought weed online from Canna Wholesalers who describe delivery problems. While Canna Wholesalers may have tried correcting the mistakes, some of the online reviews have reported repeated wrong deliveries in terms of mistaken addresses, massive delays and so on. Given how much you may end up spending, this is far from ideal. The only person who should be getting your weed delivery is you!

When it comes to weed online, Top Shelf BC is the #1 medical and recreational cannabis retailer out there. Balancing quality weed online with a good price and being accessible to customers, it is a company that really listens and strives hard to make every customer happy. It offers both old favorites and up and coming brands to appeal to people looking for a regular delivery and those who like to change things up to get ahead of the latest trends in terms of strains and brands of weed online. What’s more, they are easy to contact regardless of how you choose to do so, from email to Discord.

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