Kush Station vs Top Shelf BC: Which Dispensary is Better?

Kush Station vs Top Shelf BC: Which Dispensary is Better?

Top Shelf BC has been an online medical marijuana dispensary with over 15 years of experience. It works with sustainable Canadian brands who work to make their footprint as minimal and eco-friendly as possible. It also offers recreational cannabis for those who want a high without necessarily needing to consider the medical implications.

Kush Station has around 20 years experience providing recreational and medical marijuana to the people of Canada. It was established in BC.

British Columbia (BC) is ideal for Canadian dispensaries, both physical stores, and online dispensaries, looking to set up shop due to having some of the most liberal weed laws and controls in the country.

Top Shelf BC versus Kush Station: Product Quality

When it comes to product quality, Top Shelf BC is continually changing what it is offering in addition to the steady favorites. This is to offer the best of the best when it comes to strains. What isn’t as popular is rotated out. This means that the site doesn’t become ‘bloated’ with lower-quality strains. The site photographs are accurate and the quality is consistent with the price that you are paying. One thing that is repeated in Top Shelf BC’s reviews is that the product quality is preserved perfectly by the packaging.

Kush Station offers a lot of products. But more isn’t necessarily merrier. For one thing, depending on what you are looking for, it may not be in stock. It also boasts a lot of less familiar strains and brands which people may not want to engage with. People like going for the old favorites. Organic products are available from Kush Station – this is ideal for those who prefer knowing that no pesticides or man-made chemicals have gone near their word. Short of growing plants themselves, this is the way to go to ensure that all you experience is due to the plant itself. Kush Station also provides a product quality guarantee.

Top Shelf BC versus Kush Station: Pricing and Shipping

Top Shelf BC offers the same 1 – 3 day delivery estimate as most online dispensaries do. What makes it go the extra mile is that it strives to make next-day delivery possible. All packages are vacuum sealed, discreet, and tamper-proof, meaning that your product will arrive fresh as a daisy and your neighbors will be none the wiser of what is getting delivered. It does require you to be in for your package but any undelivered produce goes back to Top Shelf BC.

At Top Shelf BC, if your product happens to be lost, damaged, or stolen, they will send you a replacement completely free of charge. This is due to their delivery insurance on all parcels that are sent through Canadian post. This is great if you’re a new customer looking to buy weed online and want extra protection in your purchase without having to worry if you’ll receive your package or not.

When it comes to shipping, Kush Station does offer you the ability to track your parcel. But once your parcel is handed over to the delivery company from Kush Station, it is out of their hands. This is pretty standard. The downside is that a signature is only requestable for high-value orders, meaning that you need to be around for the post during their estimated delivery window of 1 – 3 days. Not the most convenient in this day and age, even with a lot of people working from home!

Kush Station doesn’t offer any delivery insurance at the moment, which could scare off new customers looking for that extra security in their purchasing decision. Kush Station also recommends orders above $75 to use their own shipping insurance and they don’t guarantee they will receive your returned item either. This is a common practice for common dropshipping companies that use vague or untrustworthy shipping & delivery practices that depends on their vendors for shipping. This should be a concern for anyone looking to make an order from Kush Station and any weed company that doesn’t offer delivery insurance.

Top Shelf BC versus Kush Station: Promotions

Top Shelf BC has a site area dedicated to promotions. This makes it easy to find those sweet deals instead of trawling the site and hoping that you can find something that saves you some money while getting you the weed that you want. In addition to product-specific offers, it also offers site-wide codes that apply across the board. This is ideal for folks making a purchase made up of varied items, offering that hook, line, and sinker for repeat business. The promotions are varied throughout the year so then what is on offer can appeal to more people.

Top Shelf BC also offers a variety of bundled deals that targets affordability for their customers. For example, they offer “Build your own ounce,” which allows buyers to add different strains without having to pay a hefty sum by ordering them individually. Since Top Shelf BC puts their customers first, you will be able to gain rewards by simply ordering weed!  For every $1 you spend, you will receive 1 point. 50 points are equivalent to $1 spent. You can learn more about their reward system here.

Is what you want just never on offer? Drop them a message! Top Shelf BC won’t know about the demand for a deal if people don’t make their need for a supply known.

Kush Station generally has at least a handful of promotions going on at any one time. These include a $25 welcome kit for those new to buying cannabis, 7g of 4 strains for $190, and 4 edible flavors for $50. The sales area for the site looks bustling. However, you need to actually make sure that the products you are getting are in stock. A positive is that there is a dedicated sales area on their site, meaning that you can access all of the offers in one place rather than having to surf the site to find a deal.

Kush Station offers Kush Points as their reward system on purchases. All members receive a 5% cashback on every order, besides bulk orders. For every $1 spent, members will earn 1 Kush Point. Every 20 Kush Points is worth $1 in-store credit. Similar to Top Shelf BC, you can also earn Kush Points for every review left on eligible platforms that are confirmed by their staff.

Top Shelf BC versus Kush Station: Customer Service and Reviews

When it comes to customer service, Top Shelf BC is repeatedly highly praised. From Reddit to Trustpilot, one thing that comes up repeatedly is the excellence and responsiveness of the customer service provided. It is consistent in quality. On top of that, if your product is lost, damaged or stolen while it is en route to you, Top Shelf BC will replace it for free. For those who take their digital security seriously and who don’t want their details here, there, and everywhere, Top Shelf BC only requires the absolute bare bones in terms of details – just enough for you to make an order and for the order to be delivered. They are contactable by email and they are also very active on their own dedicated Discord server.

Kush Station generally has a pretty solid foundation when it comes to reviews. However, its customer service is accessible only within certain working hours. This is great! For those who can access the site within those hours, that is. For those who can’t get to the computer during those hours, this makes talking to someone about any issues or asking questions rather more difficult. There is no flexibility in terms of when they can be contacted or by what method, although they do have a Discord server for fans of their products.

When it comes to cannabis, Top Shelf BC is the #1 medical and recreational cannabis retailer out there. Balancing quality with price and being accessible to customers, it is a company that really listens and strives hard to make every customer happy. It offers both old favorites and up-and-coming brands to appeal to people looking for a regular delivery and those who like to change things up to get ahead of the latest trends in terms of strains and brands.

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