The Benefits of CBD Oil & Why Canadians are Giving it to Their Dogs

The Benefits of CBD Oil & Why Canadians are Giving it to Their Dogs

While many Canadians are familiar with the benefits of CBD oil for humans, can the same be said about dogs?

Our canine companions need looking after, and CBD oil might just be the solution to solve many unconventional issues. If you’re wondering whether or not you can give CBD oil to your dog, the answer is a resounding yes.

Our canine companions can also benefit from cannabidiol, but you’ll have to continue reading to uncover exactly how. For more on the topic, read this study from Harvard University to get familiar with CBD.

How Does CBD Oil Affect Your Dog?

CBD oil for dogs in Canada is made specifically without THC. This is because we are not sure how THC affects dogs. But we do know that CBD doesn’t create any high in dogs, much like in humans.

So to answer the question, the only way CBD affects your dog is by making it feel better from all the properties of CBD.

Canadians are also wondering if CBD is safe for dogs. To answer it shortly, yes CBD is perfectly safe for dogs. We have conducted numerous studies on the matter and have concluded that the only side effects of giving CBD oil to your dog are drowsiness, sleepiness, and perhaps the odd drooling.

What Benefits Does CBD Oil Provide Your Dog With?

We mentioned earlier that CBD oil provides canines with many benefits. And much like humans, CBD oil can be used to treat all kinds of disorders, ailments, conditions, and improve the overall quality of life of your canine companion.

Let’s look at what exactly CBD oil helps with.

Reduces Anxiety

One of the many properties of CBD is that it can reduce anxiety in both canines and humans. Canadian dog owners are giving CBD oil for this specific purpose, among others.

Anxiety in dogs can be quite common. An anxious canine will oftentimes be frightful and hide. The easiest way to make a dog anxious is by letting off fireworks. Thunderstorms and loud cars are also factors that cause anxiety in canines.

And let’s not forget the annual drive to the veterinarian.

If you have an anxious dog, CBD oil will help decrease stress levels.

Treating Seizures

Much like anxiety, no one wants to see their dog experience seizures. Unfortunately, some canines can be the victim of uncontrollable seizures. When this happens, there is very little we can do but call the vet. While no doubt the veterinarian will recommend a treatment, the important thing is to try and prevent them in the future.

This is where CBD oil comes into play. CBD oil can be used as an effective means of treating seizures in canines. Although you should consult with your vet first, Canadians should know that we use CBD oil as a means to treat seizures in humans.

Reduces Stress

By now you’re probably thinking that dogs suffer from the same things as humans do. And one thing that we tend to suffer from quite a lot is stress. Stress can make your dog act very unnaturally.

The most common reason for stress in dogs is when the owner leaves them home alone. When your pup is all by itself, it’s quite common for stress to take over.

While this isn’t the case with every dog, it’s important to minimize stress as much as possible. For that, you can give CBD oil to your dog. CBD can help calm a racing mind so that might just be the thing your dog needs.

Treat Pain and Inflammation

Dogs love to be active but there comes a point where age takes its toll. Canadian dog owners are far too familiar with the effects age has on their canines.

Certain breeds of dogs suffer from all kinds of pain when they get old. From back pain to arthritis, there are so many things that can make your dog’s life unpleasant at an older age.

Luckily, CBD oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the perception of pain. In fact, Canadian dog owners are using CBD oil specifically for that purpose.

Why You Should Be Giving CBD Oil To Your Dog?

While there are plenty of other benefits, we should explain the reasons why you should be giving CBD oil to your dog.

It Is Perfectly Safe

We did touch on it previously, but Canadians need to know that CBD is safe for dogs. Although you shouldn’t give it too much, the CBD oil product will hold clear instructions as to how much oil you should be giving your dog each day.

It Is Natural

Another thing Canadians need to be aware of is that CBD oil is natural. We derive CBD from the hemp plant. Canadian hemp farmers follow strict guidelines as to how to grow the hemp and in what environment to grow it.

This means that you’ll rarely find a bad product that contains metals and dangerous chemicals. Furthermore, each CBD product manufacturer must provide buyers with lab results for the CBD used in the making of the products. This ensures safety.

It Is Affordable

Unlike other solutions and miracle products that promise to solve many dog issues, conditions, and disorders, CBD oil doesn’t cost a fortune. Due to the popularity of CBD in Canada, plenty of brands exist on the market.

This creates a healthy selection and affordable prices for Canadians. While you should stay clear of extremely cheap oils, it should be noted that every Canadian dog owner can get CBD oil for a very good price.

Finishing Thoughts

While many are quick to point out that CBD might not be the best for dogs, research shows otherwise. The numerous safety studies conducted show us that CBD is perfectly safe for canines. A large portion of Canada’s dog owner community is using CBD oil to treat many disorders, conditions, and ailments. Veterinarians are also getting up to speed with CBD and are even recommending it for many issues. Lastly, the potential benefits of CBD oil are far too many to ignore.

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